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Third Party Accessories

We understand that implementing the Butterfly solution into clinical workflows might require additional third party resources. The Butterfly team and some of our customers have found success using the below third-party solutions for use with the Butterfly iQ. Please note that Butterfly Network does not guarantee the availability of these accessories or compatibility with certain mobile devices. Please validate compatibility with your mobile devices before purchasing.


For Veterinary use only, the standoff we recommend with iQ Vet or iQ+ Vet can be purchased here.

Charging Carts

Charging carts ensure your Butterfly probes and mobile devices are stored in one secure place with charging capability. We recommend Stand Steady Line Leader carts. These are rolling storage solutions, with front and back locking doors and built-in outlets. Please note that these carts are compatible with US outlets and are available in models that hold either 16 devices or 30 devices.

Rolling Stands

If you're looking for a mobile tablet station to keep your tablet and Butterfly iQ+ Probe secure and hands-free, we recommend the Tryten Nova S1 - Butterfly Edition (SKU: T2700-BFL).

The T2700-BFLY features a sturdy 11" Articulating Arm for on-the-go height adjustment, and a Locking Adjustable Tablet Bracket that accommodates most modern tablets (approx. 9.5" - 12.9").

Modular accessories include a custom-designed Butterfly iQ Probe & Charger Mounting Bracket (SKU: T2594), a Work Surface (SKU: T2555), a Supply Caddy (SKU: T2557), and a 9 ft. Hospital-Grade Extension Cord (SKU: 575324).

Tryten only uses best-in-class, durable materials that are fully-wipeable and approved in ORs, ICUs, and Patient Rooms.

Tryten is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer and carries a 5-year limited warranty.

Tryten is qualified as an approved supplier for Butterfly Network, Inc. Contact a Butterfly Sales Representative for more information. 

We also recommend the GCX Patient Engagement Tablet Roll Stand (PTE-0001-60), which has a gooseneck arm and universal VESA mount. GCX offers a variety of accessories, including a Single Probe Mount (PRB-0001-83), Wire Basket (RSL-0003-09), USB charging modules (USB-0001-02), Handle (RS-0004-21), and various tablet enclosures, depending on the mobile device in use.

Tablet Mounts and Stands

Smaller tablet mounts, which may be supported on a side table or at the bedside, are also available. We recommend the Lamicall Gooseneck Holder LS07, which clips onto a table edge and allows for easy adjustment of orientation. For something that will rest on a table, we recommend the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand S. Additionally, the JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO Tablet is a versatile tripod with many mounting orientations.

Sharing and Collaborative Technology

To project the Butterfly iQ's screen onto a computer screen for training purposes, we recommend leveraging Apple's native Airplay, which allows you to mirror an Apple mobile device onto a Mac computer or Apple TV. Many customers have also had success using Reflector 4 or AirServer for both Apple and non-Apple mobile devices.

The product recommendations listed above are based on Butterfly Network Inc.’s experience with and knowledge of such products. Butterfly Network Inc. does not provide any guarantee that the recommended products or any versions thereof will be compatible with Butterfly Network Inc.’s products. Butterfly Network Inc. and its affiliates are not responsible for the products or services offered by a third party and assume no liability for any loss, injury, or other damage you may incur by purchasing or using the recommended products.

Not all presets, imaging modes and features are available everywhere. Check for availability in your country.

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