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Secondary User Email Address

Enterprise users may want a different email address than the one that is attached to their user log in as their preferred email address for receiving notifications. Butterfly supports optionally adding a secondary email to receive notifications pertaining to study comments, QA and attestation. 

Secondary email addresses are only for workflow notifications and cannot be used for any system emails for password changes, or email changes. Emails sent from Butterfly never contain sensitive information and require a user to log in to access the information in Butterfly Cloud. 

Adding a secondary email for workflow notifications

  1. Log in to your Butterfly account and click into your ‘Account Settings’ which is accessible in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Add your preferred email address for workflow notifications in the ‘Secondary Email Address’ field
  3. Click “Change Email” and an email confirmation will be sent to the new email address. 
  4. Log in to that account and click through the email prompt to confirm your new email address. If the email address is not confirmed, notifications will not be sent there and will continue to go to your primary email address. 
  5. Once confirmed, all of your workflow notifications will be sent to your secondary email address.

Note - If you decide that you would have emails sent to another address remove the email address and enter a new one, or leave the field blank. 

Note - If you do not receive the confirmation email push the resend button to have the system send a new one.

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