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Using Global Search

Search in Butterfly Cloud

You can search for studies across all of the organizations which you are a member of in Butterfly Cloud as well as apply additional refining search terms across important study attributes, and finally export the results for reporting needs.

How to Search

  1. Once logged in to Cloud click on the magnifying glass symbol in the top left corner.
  2. Type your query into the search bar or click the advanced search icon to move toward a structured search.
  3. Press Enter. A list of studies will show that match the search term.
  4. To further refine the search, use the search filter dropdowns below the Search Box or the ‘Advanced Search’ button. 

Use filters when you search

You can use filters at the beginning of your search or after you've searched to narrow your results. Below are the available search filters and what they do. You can combine multiple filters to narrow your search. 


Search Term



Filters down to studies in the selected organization

Date Range

Filters down based on a study’s capture date

Exam Type

Filters down based on a study’s exam type. Allows filtering on studies without an exam type.

Study Status

Filters down based on a study’s status.

Patient Information

Filters down to studies where the first name, middle name or last name matches.


Filters down to studies where the patient’s date of birth matches the date or date range.

Patient ID

Filters down to studies where the patient ID matches the inputted value.

Accession Number

Filters down to studies matching the accession number.

Study Author

Filters down to specific study authors. Filter can also bring back only studies where the author is a primary author or studies that are unassigned.

Reviewed By

Filters down to studies where a specific user is a QA reviewer.


Filters down to studies where at least 1 worksheet matches 


Filters down to studies matching any of the selected flags


Save a Search

  1. Initiate a search using the instructions above.
  2. Select the ‘Save’ icon and name the search.
  3. Re-run this saved search by initiating an advanced search, select ‘Saved Searches’ and select your desired search.

Export Search Results

Enterprise administrators have the ability to export global search results in a tabular format. The export will contain all of the columns displayed in the list view and will be filtered to reflect the search criteria that are currently applied. Note that exports will have PHI in them and should be used sparingly.


How to Export


  1. Once you have run a search through global search you’ll see a button to ‘Export All’.
  2. Click that button and the file will download to your browser, at this stage it’s best not to 
  3. leave the page until the download is complete.



Not all presets, imaging modes and features are available everywhere. Check for availability in your country.

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