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Troubleshooting Image Transfer Issues

If you are experiencing an issue with uploading or transferring studies, where the study is stuck in the outbox and will not upload to the Butterfly Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Switch your mobile device to Airplane mode.
  2. Wait a couple of minutes.
  3. Turn Airplane mode off and reconnect to cellular data or wifi.
  4. Ensure you have a strong cellular data or wifi connection.
  5. Navigate to the Butterfly app.
    • If you do not have access to wifi and are using cellular data, navigate to Settings on the bottom right corner of the screen. From Settings, select Preferences and ensure that "Upload Studies Over Cellular" is active.
  6. Navigate back to the scanning screen by clicking on the blue probe icon. If your studies have not automatically uploaded, you will see an alert indicating you have studies remaining in the Outbox. Click on that alert.
  7. Click "retry" on the study or studies.

Do not delete and reinstall the Butterfly app. If this problem persists, please contact Butterfly Support with details describing your issue, including the email address you use to log in to the app. Ensure your message does not include any protected health information.

Not all presets and imaging modes are available everywhere. Check for the availability in your country.

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